We are interested in assisting you in the development of your business.  This may be an intimidating process
for many people looking to get their business started or in proper order.  Let the professionals provide you
with business development in the area of corporation start-up, funding, online business training and information.

*If you are seeking funding for your business you MUST go to and register for pulling all three credit reports.

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Client Testimonials

When I first wanted to get started with my business it was so hard.  My first problem is I did not know what I was doing.  Jireh Business came right in and gave life to the company I was wanting to build.  With step by step process and funding services, I feel like the CEO I always wanted to be.  I wasn’t able to get funding from a bank even with my 720 credit score.  After working with JBC my company had the funding to grow my business. Thank you for helping me get my business off the ground.
Ken Lious, Client
I thought it would be hard working with Jireh Business Consulting because I had never heard of this company before.  When I came across the website and researched the many services that they offered I knew I needed their services.  Professional and knowledgeable are the words I have in mind for this company.  It’s not hard to tell that this is not just a job for the people I work with at Jireh it’s a passion.   I am so glad that I made the steps to work with them.
James Gordon, Dentist
As a busy professional it was hard to do everything in my new company.  I was really relieved when a friend recommended Jireh Business Consulting.  I was able to tell them all of my business barriers and they were ready for the business solutions.  I love being able to communicate via phone and online with Dr. Victoria Brown.  She has really helped me to take my business mindset to another level…I’m not just BUSY…I’m Business Busy…Thank you!
Erika J, Happy client

Business Corporation Development

Most people believe that starting a corporation is as simple as going online and filing the business and they are ready to go. We wish we could tell you that it is just that simple. There are many things that are missing. Let us develop your corporation that include the development and filing of various corporate documents, certificates, agreements, and resources for corporate credit building.


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